Thursday, 16 July 2015

Green Eclipse Technologies India Pvt.Ltd., conducts seminar in Goa

Recently Europa Filter’s Goa Branch conducted a technical seminar in the IMEI House, Goa. Hakan Reuterwall, Director, RKD Group Ltd. spoke on ‘Europa filter: a simple solution for an invisible problem’. He advised that if oil can be kept 100 per cent clean then in theory it should never degrade or require changing. Machine parts could be used infinitely and the risk of breakdown and production stops could be drastically reduced. Europa filter can be used for offline cleaning and has been used effectively by the industry up to 0.1 micron as per the Statoil report. Europa filter removes water, retains additives, can collect up to 3kg of contaminants. He stressed that it was important to change the filter and not the oil.

The Europa filter is a simple solution used for an invisible problem. Built in full flow filters protect the machine components from large particles, but do not clean the oil system of water and small particles that damage the machine in the long-term. Tests show that the majority of all machine breakdowns in oil systems are due to contamination of the oil. The Europa filter cleans the oil and then the clean oil in turn cleans lines, components and the tank. Oxidation happens down to a minimum. It absorbs water and particles from the oil. At the same time the machine is cleaned as the clean oil carries away the deposits from the system interior – while the machine is still operating.
The several benefits of using Europa filter can be listed as follows:• No need to renew the oil thus increasing savings
• Reduced consumption of spare parts and full flow filters
• Green footprint for your company
• Less maintenance breaks planned and un- planned
• Avoid expensive production cost
• Clean oil washes the system and doubles its life span
• 90 days money back guarantee if customer is not satisfied.

Mr Reuterwall was assisted by Sukumar Nambiar, Managing Director, Green Eclipse Technologies India Pvt. Ltd., and Head of Europa Filter India.
The seminar was attended by surveyors, master mariners, marine engineers and students of the Graduate batch of the Institute of Maritime Studies.

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